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COOL STUFF - Frozen Food Age Magazine ,March 2004

Resetting a section? Cutting in a new product? Some tips for doing so in the frozen food department, based on actual field work by SPAR Group,America's leading retail merchandising company.


Don't forget a sturdy label scraper to remove shelf labels. Frozen food section labels are more difficult to remove than regular grocery section labels.


Warm clothes and gloves are a must because of the cold temperature. SPAR purchased gloves for merchandisers doing resets.


Make sure an extra "flex" space is available in the store for discontinued products. This allows for less movement in and out of the backroom and allows the discontinued items to continue selling through as the resets progress.


Storage in back freezers for overstock and sections being reset. This allows the product assortment to maintain a sellable condition.


One case of each new product should be sent to the store in a separate shipment to allow for spacing of sections as they are set to planograms.


Have stores not stock sections one day prior to resets. This will allow for reduced movement and storage of product as sections are reset.


Coordinate DSD deliveries in order to allow for the most efficient reset. DSD not being at store could create more work for merchandisers as they might have to pull and even reset sections that would not be a part of the set.

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